About the Drama Queen

Once upon a time 0n July 2, 1970, a tiny fragile Princess was born.  She would endure so much pain and tragedy.  She would make countless mistakes, learn many lessons before she realized that her divine purpose was to love, to serve and to encourage, making others laugh and smile along the way.. She would walk through fire and emerge polished but not perfect. The Princess would entomb herself into a cacoon to hide...to protect herself. for safety...she would emerge a beautiful butterfly, yet still very fragile.  Through much more loss, and a greater amount of pain.  She began to...transform...again  She grew a spine or maybe found the one she already had.  Her spine grew poisonous quills.  Fangs descended from her mouth and talons ripped through her fingers all so that she could eviscierate those who got in her way.  She had walked through fire and now she would breathe it. The butterfly became a dragon and the Princess became the Drama Queen.  She worried not about the bridges she would burn for she had mighty wings so that she could fly and IF she tired she could swim...  No she would not be immortal but she would be fucking ancient and she would NEVER b forgotten.  She never lost her ooeey gooey heart it had just developed a beautiful petina...so that no one could ever hurt her again.